Kinský Wood Design

Our past, your future


About us

At Kinský Wood Design, our philosophy is to blend traditional and innovative design in creating custom furniture. As a tree can take 150 years to mature, we envision furniture that will be enjoyed and handed down by our customers, to at least as many generations as it took the tree to grow.

How we do it? Whenever possible we craft our tables using wood from a single tree, trying not to alter the wood's natural structure and design. In order to achieve this, each board is left to dry in the open for a minimum of five years, and then enters the drying chamber for an additional 30 days before we start working on it. This ensures that the wood is stable and dry, thus minimizing cracs and changes in shape after our tables are created.

The Kinský forests supply most of the wood used for our creations and customers will be provided with a certificate showing which tree was used, the tree's age and a history time-line. While we constantly work on creating new models and designs, we also encourage our customers to actively participate in designing their own and unique table. We are prepared to assist you from start to end of your creation, so please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure to help you create your own, unique natural masterpiece!